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An Imminent Conflict Between Patriotism and Globalism?

Reflections on the relationship between globalism and patriotism.

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The US and Iran Battle It out at the UN

Presidents Donald Trump and Hassan Rouhani risk fueling a conflict that could escalate out of hand.

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How Trump Emulates Russia Diplomatically and Strategically

The many signs we overlooked on Trump serving Russia and emulating Russia’s trademark styles.

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Trump’s (Premature) Attack on Syria

Who is left to defend the rule of law?

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China Vs. the US: Lifespan Gains

A child born in China today can expect to live decades longer than someone born in China in 1950.

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Trump’s Budget Priorities: Crimes Against Humanity?

President Trump’s proposed budget highlights the increasing White House determination to find military solutions to the world’s ills.

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South Sudan: Losing the Last Vestiges of Our Moral Fabric

“Never again,” adopted in the wake of the Second World War, has become nothing but an empty slogan in South Sudan, Syria, Libya and Yemen.

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The Global Gender Balance in 2017

What share of the population of each world region is female?

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Beyond Harvey Weinstein: Sextortion Around the Globe

Sextortion – the demand for sexual favors by powerful men – is especially prevalent in poor countries. It is the least investigated form of corruption in the world.

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Trump: No Isolationist

For all the talk of “America First,” Trump is a full-blown corporate internationalist.

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