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Moldova: Children of Migrants Abroad

Moldova’s weak job market forces migrant workers to leave their families.

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Legacies of the Vietnam War

A team of brave women work to remove an explosive legacy of the Vietnam War from Laos.

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Hydro Power Over Homes in Peru

The homes of the Ashaninka people are threatened by the construction of a hydroelectric dam in Peru.

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The Sand Lords of Dubai

As the working day comes to an end, workers in Dubai congregate to enjoy a bout of wrestling in the sand.

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At Home in Cuba’s Campoamor Theatre

Even though the last curtain fell in 1965, one man still calls Havana’s Campoamor Theatre home.

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Nigeria: Lights, Camera, Action!

Each year, Nigeria’s film industry makes more movies than Hollywood. Get behind the scenes with these photos.

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Urbanization in Serbia

Despite widespread migration to urban areas in Serbia, some communities maintain traditions.

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Untouched Cambodia

Despite rapid growth in tourism and commercial industry, there are still parts of Cambodia untouched by this development.

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Biofuels in Malaysia: Not So Sustainable?

Logging in Malaysia has cost the Batek Negritos much of their rainforest homeland.

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Myanmar: Captain at the Helm

A young Myanmarese boy takes the helm of his father’s boat.

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