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Moving with the Market in India

An man from the slums of India makes his living by doing the dangerous work of painting high-rise towers in Kolkata.

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Amidst the War, Find Music on the West Bank

Hidden within Palestine’s contested West Bank, one man brings joy through music to the local people.

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Traditional Handicrafts in Peru

Civil strife has forced a craftsman from the mountains of Peru to live off what he can create with his hands.

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Ghana’s Bamboo Bicycles

An enterprising Ghanaian man works with a team of locals to produce stunning bicycles from bamboo.

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Karate Comes to Burkina Faso

Asian martial arts films have inspired young people in Burkina Faso to pick up karate.

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Solar Sustainability in Egypt

An innovative start-up in Egypt provides a means for local farmers to use clean solar energy on their farms.

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Corn Provides Life in Nicaragua

Farmers in Nicaragua still subsist off corn, the crop that made civilization possible in Mesoamerica.

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Pedal For Your Life in Guatemala!

Carlos Enrique Marroquin runs an innovative charity in Guatemala that recycles bicycle parts into pedal-powered machines.

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A Colombian Family is Reunited through Enterprise

Despite a rough run-in with paramilitary groups in Colombia, one man’s ambition reunites his family of 13.

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Bolivia’s Fair Trade Gold

A Fair Trade certified gold mine in Bolivia offers a sustainable solution to a typically exploitative industry.

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