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Captain at the Helm

A young Myanmarese boy takes the helm of his father’s boat.

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Secret Love in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, love is complicated by tradition and familial expectations.

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Malian Blacksmith Associations

In Mali, local blacksmiths work without electricity to forge for the local community.

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Afghan Women Train to Save Lives

Afghan women train as midwives at a clinic in order to help save lives in their villages.

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Football in Kolkata

A 90 year old rivalry between two Indian football teams continues today.

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Fishermen in Coastal Sri Lanka

Despite great hardship, the Nishanti family remain in their coastal home.

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The Human Side of North Korea

North Koreans aren’t the robots they are often portrayed as in Western newspapers and magazines.

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Women’s Rights in Ghana: Protecting Widows

Akumaa Mama Zimbi helps widows in Ghana preserve their land and their rights.

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A Story of Poverty in New York City

A young couple in New York City try to panhandle enough money to raise a child.

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At Home in Cuba’s Campoamor Theatre

Even though the last curtain fell in 1965, one man still calls Havana’s Campoamor Theatre home.

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