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A Saudi Break With Ultra-Conservatism?

The surrender of a Brussels mosque offers hope that Saudi Arabia is serious about shaving off the sharp edges of its brand of Sunni Muslim ultra-conservatism. Or does it?

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A Better CETA: One Big Cheer for Wallonia

While the rest of Europe ducked, one region stood up for important principles of responsible globalization.

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Belgium: Not a Failed State, But a Troubled One

Broken bureaucracy, homebred terrorism and union disruptions require Belgium’s unity.

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Wither Belgium?

How much longer can Belgium survive the pressures of its unlikely origins?

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To Secede or Not to Secede: The Case of Europe

Will the economic costs of secession keep Europe’s separatist movements in check?

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Britain’s Tabloid Cancer

How have the British paid a steep price for their appetite for gossip and the unnecessary details of grizzly crimes?

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Toward Two European Monetary Unions

Why does it make sense to divide the European Monetary Union into a Northern EMU and a Southern EMU?

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The Way Out of Greece’s Insolvency — And Into Europe’s Future

How will building up Greece’s capital base provide a long-term solution to the country’s fiscal woes?

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China as an Economic Savior

Why are Europe’s export industries happy about rising prices and domestic demand in China?

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Euro Crisis: Economic Turmoil, Political Backlash

How is the global economic crisis generating a political backlash — even in the prosperous core of the eurozone?

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