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Global Travel Champion

Which nation spends the most on international tourism?

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BRICS: Toward a Rio Consensus

The BRICS countries set out to overcome Western domination and the legacy of the “Washington Consensus.”

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India’s Food Crises: A Close-Up

Can India be a global power when it can’t guarantee its own food security?

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The New Globalists: Baptized by Fire in Brazil

What products are shaking up Brazil’s young consumer lifestyles?

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China: Hitting a BRIC Wall

After exhausting its basic growth model, how can China nurture productivity, innovation and modernity?

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Green China — Part IV: A Model for the World?

Can China’s new green industrial system help avert the worst consequences of climate change?

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Green China — Part I: Why Go Green?

China is betting its economic future on investments in alternative energy sources.

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Twenty Years After the Demise of the Soviet Union: A Chinese Perspective (Part I)

How did the fall of the USSR give rise to a global order characterized by peace and economic development?

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Introducing the APEs: Anglo-Protestant Economies

If running a big deficit for two years in times of great distress can be considered a mortal sin, what about the United States and the UK?

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Make Room for the Rising Powers

Are countries such as China, India and Brazil ready for prime time on the global stage?

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