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The Ancient Silk Road: What and Where It Was

A network that once carried gems, spices and silk now carries electronics.

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Innovation and Management in China, Germany and the US

Will China follow the U.S. model or the German model for innovation and management?

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The New Globalists: The Rise of Africa

What pulls an educated Zambia native home from New York?

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America: The Next Woolworth’s?

Will the United States continue to underrate its competition and stay on the road Woolworth’s went down?

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Twenty Years After the Demise of the Soviet Union: A Chinese Perspective (Part I)

How did the fall of the USSR give rise to a global order characterized by peace and economic development?

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A (Very) Brief History of Corruption

What trends in the prevalence of corruption has the world experienced in recent years?

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Spanish Soccer Teams and Sovereign Wealth Funds

Are sponsorships of sports clubs beachheads for sovereign wealth funds’ investments in the West's national champions?

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How China and India Really Operate in Africa

How are China and India using their “first mover” advantages to bring Africa into network trade?

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When Corporations Get Religion (Part III)

How have corporations taken on the role traditionally played by religion?

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The Rise of the New Mercantilism (Part I)

Is growing economic competition leading to unfair trade practices in the developing world?

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