Uwe Bott

Uwe Bott is Chief Economist of The Globalist Research Center and Senior Editor at The Globalist. [New York/United States]

Who Needs to Be President to Dominate the US Political Debate?

No rejoicing for the Democrats: Even after a sound defeat, Donald Trump will not go away. In fact, he will immediately launch his 2024 campaign.

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Susan Rice?

Why Susan Rice, the former U.S. National Security Advisor, might be a good Vice President for Biden and good enough for his voter base.

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Change Is Coming to America

Nearly four years after Barack Obama’s two-term presidency, the political promise he represented might finally be fulfilled.

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Donald Trump’s Deadly Crowd Addiction

Why the renewal of campaign mass rallies may get the U.S. President sued, despite waivers being signed.

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A Different Post-Corona US?

When public life in small U.S. towns suddenly feels liberating, with almost a Mediterranean feel.

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Bobby Kennedy Vs. Trump’s No Show at Minneapolis

Robert F. Kennedy’s 1968 appearance in Indianapolis and the art of how to heal a nation.

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Trump: The Eternal, Never-Presidential Campaigner

How Donald Trump has regulated the American public’s right to free speech: Every “Presidential” speech is a campaign event. Protest not allowed.

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Beyond Trump: The US’s Wrong-Headed Priorities

Reflections on gargantuan levels of military spending, pseudo “efficiency”-minded corporate outsourcing and an ill-fated obsession with American exceptionalism.

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COVID 19 and the US: What Lies Ahead

Way beyond the CARES Act, here are six concrete steps the U.S. federal government ought to mandate right now to protect people’s economic livelihood.

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COVID 19: Six Concrete Steps to Mandate Right Now

The actions needed to prevent the coronavirus crisis from turning into a financial disaster for the U.S.

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