Denis MacShane

Denis MacShane is a Contributing Editor at The Globalist. He was the UK's Minister for Europe from 2002 to 2005 — and is the author of “Brexit No Exit: Why Britain Won’t Leave Europe.” [London]. Follow him @DenisMacShane

Boris Johnson: The Last Betrayal?

Will Boris Johnson really be a Robespierre, as the ardent Brexiteers hope — or convert himself into rational Monsieur Talleyrand?

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With 15 EU “Spitzenkandidaten” — Whom to Choose?

The system to select the new Commission President may have been well-intentioned, but it remains the private plaything of Brussels insiders with little contact to European citizens.

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Keeping the Western Balkans Outside the EU

Why on earth are Merkel and Macron slamming the door to the EU shut for Europeans between the Aegean and Adriatic?

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Brexit Devours Its Children

Britain and the EU

Tory anti-Europeanism ended Margaret Thatcher, John Major, David Cameron and Theresa May. Who’s next?

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Brexit and the Fear of the Mother-in-Law

As a million people march, Britain drops deeper into the Brexit black hole.

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Brexit: Will It Ever Happen?

EU countries are wary to allow for yet more time wasting by futile Brexit discussions occupying the EU agenda just because British politicians are incapable of making up their minds.

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Macron at the Barricades

Is it all downhill for President Macron from here on out? The early political fortunes of two other major Western reform politicians – Margaret Thatcher and Bill Clinton – should provide comfort.

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Venezuela: A Rare Case of Turkish-Greek Harmony

Why is Greece supporting a dictatorship in Venezuela that is as bad as the Colonels’ Junta that ruled Greece from 1967 to 1974?

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Corbyn to Europe: Adieu and Brexit Is Europe’s Fault

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s belief is that Europe is the problem, not the answer.

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Brexit: What Next?

The message from the UK House of Commons is: No to Theresa May, but not yes to any alternative.

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